Toronto Light Festival is Lighting Up The Distillery District


No matter the time of year, visiting the Distillery District is a special experience. Not only is it a very beautiful area of the city, but it’s also the largest collection of Victorian industrial buildings in North America, so every square metre is steeped in history. However, once the Toronto Christmas Market comes to a close, people tend to hibernate during the remaining winter months and may not make it out to explore the neighbourhood. A new event coming to the Distillery District, brought to you by the creators of the Toronto Christmas Market, aims to lighten the winter mood. Here’s everything you need to know about Toronto’s Light Festival. 

What is the Toronto Light Festival? Simply put, it’s a new visual experience that will provide Torontonians with an ‘imaginative cerebral adventure’. Starting January 27th and lasting until March 12th, the Toronto Light Festival will offer 45 days of 1000s of lights incorporated into art pieces, spread across 13 acres and 44 buildings. And what will it cost you? Nada!


Image via Toronto Light Festival on Facebook

Why are they doing this? As the creators put it, ‘Winter sucks, and we simply just want to make winter not suck so much’. The intention was to create a new, unique, and special event that inspires creativity and hopefully helps to lift the city’s spirit. Winter days can feel more than just cold, they can be long and dark. The festival aims to bring Torontonians out of their hibernation zones and into the heart of the city to experience Toronto in a whole new way. These light installations, created by local and international artists, will help create a positive and whimsical urban landscape that people of all ages can explore and enjoy.

Visitors can look forward to being introduced to new light art materials and technology, interactive installations, beautiful light sculptures, as well as the much-beloved mulled wine found at the Christmas Market.

The festival will run Sunday to Wednesday from Sundown to 10pm, and Thursday to Saturday from Sundown to 11pm. This new winter experience will entertain and inspire, and hopefully make those winter days suck a little less!

Header Image via Toronto Light Festival on Facebook 

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