Top Things to Eat at the Toronto Christmas Market


Holiday traditions are different for everyone. If you were to ask a group of Torontonians what their classic holiday traditions are, it’s unlikely you’ll get the same answer twice. For some it’s skating at Nathan Phillips Square, for others, it’s taking in a Nutcracker performance, and for others, it’s going to the Toronto Christmas Market. The market is a great place to start a holiday tradition. Here you can start your holiday shopping, warm up with some mulled wine, and most importantly indulge in one of the many tasty treats. Here are our top picks for things to eat at the market. 

The Cabin by Campbell’s


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With the holidays fast approaching, and the temperatures dropping, the need for comfort food is becoming more pronounced. What’s better than cozying up with something warm and delicious in the winter? The Campbell’s soup booth is a great place to meet this need. Try one of their complimentary soup samples created with a Campbell’s soup base, by Chef Antonio Park.

Chimney Stax


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This baked dessert is quickly becoming a holiday favourite. What is it exactly? Well, it’s a hand rolled, rotisserie baked sweet that is served with all kinds of holiday flavours, toppings, and fillings. The main take away is that it’s delicious and a must-have from the market.

Tornado Potato


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If you’re not entirely sure what the above picture depicts, that’s okay, its abstract quality is partially what makes it so wonderfully tasty. This spiralled German potato delicacy is an outdoor market classic and can be topped with your favourite seasonings.

Artisan Grilled Cheese


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If you love a basic grilled cheese, then these artisan grilled cheese are going to blow you away. Enjoy ‘The Classic’, filled with aged cheddar from the Ottawa valley, the ‘Tex Mex’, boasting chipotle pulled pork, swiss cheese, and pickled jalepeno, or our favourite, the ‘Christmas Dinner’, which is a grilled cheese filled with roast turkey, cranberry, and brie. Yum!



Image via @cakeconsumer on Instagram

In keeping with the tradition of Eastern Europe, you’ll find unbelievably tasty Schweineschnitzel at the Toronto Christmas Market. In case you’re not sure what schweineschnitzel is, let us tell you. This classic german dish is breaded and fried pork, and at the Schnitzel-Haus you’ll find it on a pretzel bun, with sautéed red peppers and onions. Another market must!

Wafel Bar


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If you’re looking for the oh-so-sweet taste of Belgium, then you must stop by Wafel Bar. Here you can indulge in authentic caramelized Belgium style waffles served hot off the press, and enjoyed with your choice of decadent toppings.

Woodcutters Grill


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No visit to the Toronto Christmas Market is complete without a stop to the Woodcutters Grill stall. The classic order is a juicy and savoury bratwurst, topped with traditional sauerkraut, but the menu also includes delicious items such as thick cut bacon sandwiches and coal roasted corn!

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