The New Berczy Park: An Oasis For All


Claude Cormier has already graced Toronto with some amazing outdoor spaces, two of our favourites being Sugar Beach and Evergreen Brick Works. The Montreal-based landscape architect is now back in our city with the redesign and redevelopment of one of the most prized green spaces in our neighbourhood: Berczy Park.

This irregular-shaped park is situated behind the famous Flatiron Building, right between three of Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods – St. Lawrence Market, Old Town, and the Financial District. To pay tribute to what Berczy Park used to be, Cormier has incorporated lots of grassy areas and a beautiful fountain centrepiece into his design. The new fountain will live almost exactly where the old one used to live.


The new Berczy Park was designed to appeal to all kinds of people – families, couples, seniors, tourists, and people who work in the area. It will have a children’s playground, lots of benches, a huge two-tiered fountain, and it’s safe to say that it’s going to be the coolest dog park you’ve ever laid your eyes on. To call attention to it’s dog park-esque theme, on top of the fountain will be a giant dog bone. There will also be 27 sculptures of different types of dogs (and one cat!) placed in and around the fountain, all of which will have water spouting out of their mouths. The perimeter of the fountain will have a water trough that your dog can drink from too.


What else can you expect to see from the revitalized park? Lots of new trees will be planted, a perennial garden will be in place, and detailed granite pathways will be laid down diagonally across the site to give the appearance that this small park is a bit bigger than it actually is.


Construction on Berczy Park began back in the fall, and it’s expected to reopen this upcoming summer. We can’t wait to see everything finally in place and spend lots of our time in yet another amazing Claude Cormier-designed public space in Toronto.

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