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Each year a select group of people – top food critics, leading chefs from popular restaurants, elite diners, and the finest foodies – from around the country get together and decide which restaurants across the nation are the best. The end product? A list of 100 of the very best eateries in Canada. From the west to east coast our nation is brimming with culinary talent. These restaurants boast the best ingredients, imaginative menus, and dining experiences like no other. Here are some of the best Toronto spots that made the list this year. 

Alo – 163 Spadina Avenue


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Number one on this year’s list of 100, Alo screams decadence and exclusivity. With its discreet entrance, intimate dining room, and incredible six-course menu, it’s worth finding out (and tasting) what made it number one yourself.

Lena – 176 Yonge Street 


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Located in the historic Hudson’s Bay building, Lena pays homage to the chef’s South American roots, with some extra flare from Spain and Italy. Enjoy a signature dish of Pollo Dona Aurora or Caldoso, and then finish things off with hot chocolate dipped churros.

Canoe – 66 Wellington Street


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For over 20 years Canoe has been taking inspiration from the past to bring delicious and creative meals to the guests of today. Look forward to incredible Canadian ingredients and amazing views of the lower city.

Edulis – 169 Niagara Street


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Edulis may just look like another bistro, but it’s much more. With it’s incredible atmosphere, inventive menu, and top quality seafood offerings you won’t be disappointed. Look forward to culinary delights, such as the giant Portuguese squid and incredibly delicate ceviches, sashimi, and carpaccio. If you can get a table for their very popular European-style Sunday brunch, we would highly recommend it.

Buca – 604 King Street West


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There hasn’t been a dull night since this Toronto favourite opened in 2009. Buca nails every dish on its Italian menu. Famous for their impressive ‘porcine portfolio’ of delicious prosciutto, culatello, and lardo, not to mention their extensive wine selection, Buca never disappoints.

Dandylion – 1198 Queen Street West


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You might have walked by this Queen Street gem without even noticing it, but if you’ve gone in and enjoyed a meal at Dandylion, you won’t ever make the mistake of passing by again. The food may be simple, but its technique, exquisite balance, and taste is nothing short of perfection.

Bar Isabel – 797 College Street


Image via @bar_isabel on Instagram 

Brought to you by the mind of chef Grant van Gameren (now known for turning everything he touches into gold), Bar Isabel is one of the city’s most popular restaurants. Get ready for the best Spanish tapas you’ve ever indulged in – from its shishito peppers, to its whole grilled octopus, and Spanish blood sausage morcilla.

DaiLo – 503 College Street 


Image via @ninjachef on Instagram

DaiLo has been blessed with hip crowds every night since opening in 2014. This busy, pan-asian brasserie offers the best in new-asian cuisine. Menu favourites include fried octopus and braised pork ‘tacos’, pork and shrimp wontons, and their delicious truffle-fried rice.

Nota Bene – 180 Queen Street West


Image via @notabenetoronto on Instagram

Nota Bene‘s 2016 revamp really took things to the next level. With a beautiful new redesign of both the menu and the restaurant itself, Nota Bene is now the place to go. Favourites from the old menu survived, such as the duck confit and papaya salad, but it’s new offerings, such as the tom yum soup and zucchini and chickpea galette, are what really make the restaurant shine.

Scaramouche – 1 Benvenuto Place 


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Considered a culinary institution, Scaramouche has been around for a long time, and knows exactly what it’s doing. Mixing European classics with modern and inventive touches is what keeps people coming back again and again. Enjoy delicious Pacific white sturgeon and tasty honey-glazed duck breast on your next list.

To see what other restaurants made the cut check out the full Canada’s 100 Best list.

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