How to Spend a Day in the Distillery District


Each pocket of the city is unique. Whether it be the bustling downtown core we’re all more or less familiar with, or an up-and-coming spot like the Junction, these corners of the city all boast their own personality. Certain restaurants and landmarks are as familiar to these neighbourhoods as the characters, and business owners everyone knows and loves. No matter the neighbourhood’s size, it’s easy to take a day and get lost discovering things you hadn’t noticed before. Before you venture too far outside our neighbourhood, may we make a suggestion? Get outside and get to know the Distillery District! Here’s how to spend a perfect day there.  Continue reading

Our Favourite Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


There’s an occasion that comes around every year and leaves people completely divided. What occasion are we talking about? Valentine’s Day of course. For some,  V-Day is a glorious and whimsical 24 hours filled with chocolate and romance. For others, this day leaves them bitter about love and consumerism. In our opinion, any occasion – no matter what it is – is a nice excuse to celebrate. So whether you’re madly in love or not, we recommend taking part in this high holiday (if not just for the chocolate). Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day dates in Toronto.  Continue reading

Our Top Winterlicious Picks


Toronto is known for its diversity. This is one of the greatest characteristics of our city. Torontonians themselves are diverse, as is our culture as a city. But another thing that’s diverse in Toronto? Our restaurants! No matter where you are in the city, you’re just a stone’s throw away from an amazing culinary experience. Whether it’s the new hottest restaurant, or an old faithful, Toronto restaurants have a lot to offer. While you may still be in Canada, you’ll be able to enjoy food from around the world! Winterlicious started a week ago and the list of participating restaurants is impressive.

While we’d love to check them all out, here’s an overview of some of the top spots in our neighbourhood.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts


In accordance with the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, New Year’s day lands on Saturday, January 28th this year. Celebrations typically begin 7 days prior to New Year’s Eve. Chinese New Year’s is meant to signify a rest before the new year, as well as the traditional start of spring. 2017 is the year of the Rooster, which is tenth in the Chinese zodiac. For those born in a previous year of the Rooster, this could mean a year of bad luck lies ahead. If you were born in 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, or 2017  you should seek out luck this year in the form of numbers (5, 7, 8) or colours (gold, brown, and yellow). While there are many different traditional celebrations, such as decorations, lantern lighting, and family dinners, this is how the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts will be celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Continue reading

Where to Go Skating in the City


Despite many of us being fearful of leaving the comfort of our warm homes during the winter months, it must be said that the activities of the season are top notch. All you have to do is bundle up and you could be hopping from one Christmas Market to another, or soaring down a ski slope having the time of your life. Another fun winter activity (and a classic) is ice skating! Thankfully skating doesn’t require much of its participants, just a bit of balance and access to skates! Toronto is home to many outdoor rinks, but these are our top picks nearby.  Continue reading

Top Things to Eat at the Toronto Christmas Market


Holiday traditions are different for everyone. If you were to ask a group of Torontonians what their classic holiday traditions are, it’s unlikely you’ll get the same answer twice. For some it’s skating at Nathan Phillips Square, for others, it’s taking in a Nutcracker performance, and for others, it’s going to the Toronto Christmas Market. The market is a great place to start a holiday tradition. Here you can start your holiday shopping, warm up with some mulled wine, and most importantly indulge in one of the many tasty treats. Here are our top picks for things to eat at the market.  Continue reading

Looking Forward to the Toronto Christmas Market

xmas-headerLiving in this part of Toronto has many perks. There are endless options when it comes to delicious and new dining experiences, the shopping available is top notch, and the calendar of exciting events is always full. One such event, which has become a classic holiday staple, is the Toronto Christmas Market. Returning this season on Friday November 18th through until Thursday December 22nd, this year’s Market promises to be better than ever. Here’s what to look forward to.  Continue reading

Everything You Can Do at St. Lawrence Market this Month

st-law-classesOur neighbourhood is constantly on the go. Whether it’s in the shops, at home, or on the street, things are bustling at St. Lawrence. This is especially true of the market. It never rests! If you’ve ever been there on a Saturday morning then you definitely know what we’re talking about. The sights, smells, and sounds are overwhelming in the best way possible. But St. Lawrence Market has lots going on aside from the market itself. The calendar for November is full with great events and classes to take part in! Here’s what you can look forward to this month!  Continue reading

5 Haunted Sites in Toronto And Their Stories

3814013686_4b3cd19aa1_bWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our area is rich with history and so is much of Toronto. We love being surrounded by so many interesting historical buildings. There are also many historical buildings that have some interesting folklore around them. Now that it’s October, it’s the perfect time to take a peek at some of these allegedly haunted places. Continue reading

Get Ready to Laugh at JFL42!

12065778_896332787068968_8569664028338109019_nThere is no better feeling than laughing so hard your sides hurt. Better yet – laughing so hard you’re weeping. Thankfully there are plenty of TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos that keep us in stitches year round. But nothing beats live comedy from the greats themselves. Live comedy is the best because it perfectly combines excitement, laughter, and fear – fear of being singled out in the crowd – together to create an amazing evening. This Fall marks the return of Toronto’s JFL42 Comedy Festival. Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading