Our Historical Neighbourhood: The Hockey Hall of Fame


It seems as though you can’t turn a corner in our beloved city without being met with a little bit of history. Whether it’s a building or an event, Toronto is bursting with stories from the past, and locations that are steeped with history. In our neighbourhood, this is especially true. Not only would it take a great deal of time to write it all up, but it would take more than one day of exploring to take it all in. That’s why we’re just going to focus on one spot at a time, and today’s focus is the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Continue reading

Throwback: St. Lawrence Market in the 1970s and 80s

One of the things that we love about our area is that it is so rich with history. It features many buildings that have stood the test of time and it’s wonderful being able to spot them as you wander around the area. Of course, one of those buildings that we hold dear is St. Lawrence Market and love having it close by.

We’ve already taken a look back at some of the history behind it, but go back in time with us and see what it was like at St. Lawrence Market and the surrounding area in the 1970s and 80s.

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The King Edward Hotel: Through The Years

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Most of you are already well aware that our neighbourhood is filled with some of the city’s most amazing and notable historical buildings. We love highlighting them on our blog to pay respect to their greatness as well as inform Torontonians just how important they are to the history of our city.

We’ve already taken you on a journey through the history of the St. Lawrence Hall, Union Station, and the city’s first post office, and now it’s time to take a look at the famous King Edward Hotel. Continue reading

The History Behind Toronto’s First Post Office

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One of the many things to love about our neighbourhood is how rich it is with history. There’s really no shortage, with both the St. Lawrence Market and The Distillery District nearby. On top of those things, Toronto’s first post office is also so close to us. Take a closer look at its history with us! Continue reading

Union Station: The history of our transit hub


Union Station is what many people would call the centrepiece of Toronto. The century-old building has always played a large role in our cityscape, being used by tourists and Torontonians alike. It’s the central hub for all things transportation in our city and with a few changes over the last couple of years, it has quickly become one of our favourite places to spend time. Continue reading

Meet the Architect: Peter Clewes & architectsAlliance

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We’re beyond excited to have Peter Clewes and his team at architectsAlliance working on our project. Clewes has been a leading architect through Toronto’s condo boom over the last decade or so, is an innovative creator, and knows our city well, so there was no question that our developer Cityzen wanted to work with him on this contemporary addition to our city’s oldest neighbourhood. Continue reading

Welcome to Toronto’s First City Hall


It may be Toronto’s best kept secret that the real ‘Old City Hall’ here is actually the South St. Lawrence Market. That’s right – the first official City Hall in Toronto was right in our neighbourhood in what is now our favourite place to buy groceries. Want to know more? Continue reading