Our Historical Neighbourhood: The Hockey Hall of Fame


It seems as though you can’t turn a corner in our beloved city without being met with a little bit of history. Whether it’s a building or an event, Toronto is bursting with stories from the past, and locations that are steeped with history. In our neighbourhood, this is especially true. Not only would it take a great deal of time to write it all up, but it would take more than one day of exploring to take it all in. That’s why we’re just going to focus on one spot at a time, and today’s focus is the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Continue reading

The History Behind Toronto’s First Post Office

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One of the many things to love about our neighbourhood is how rich it is with history. There’s really no shortage, with both the St. Lawrence Market and The Distillery District nearby. On top of those things, Toronto’s first post office is also so close to us. Take a closer look at its history with us! Continue reading

Step Inside: The St. Lawrence Hall


Built in 1850, the St. Lawrence Hall is one of our favourite historical buildings in the neighbourhood. It was originally built to serve the crème de la crème of Toronto for social gatherings and special events, and is considered to be the city’s first official cultural centre. Fast forward over 150 years later, and it’s still used for a number of different events all year round. Continue reading