Spring Cleaning: Pantry Edition!

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Spring is a time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and (don’t think you can ignore it) Spring cleaning! Last Spring you did an amazing job during the cleaning season – your home was gleaming. Summer was way too much fun to take the time to do a good clean – fair enough. And the Winter, well as we all know, Winter is about hibernation – not cleaning, we completely understand. But now the cobwebs need to be swept away, and things need to get organized. Why not start with one of the most cluttered spaces in your home – your pantry!  Just follow these easy steps and tricks!


Step 1 – Empty Out Your Pantry


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First things first, you must start anew and see what you’re working with. Empty the current contents, lay them out, and literally clean out the pantry wiping everything down with green cleaning supplies (and a little sunshine).


Step 2 – Purge!!!


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There are going to be some things that you’ve taken out of your pantry that can go forever. Anything expired or stale? Toss! Consolidate your duplicates, and donate what you don’t need to a food bank. If you find items that weren’t sealed properly, it’s safe to say they’re not in great condition – bye bye. Finally, take a look at what’s left, if it’s a staple (read below) keep it, if it’s something unappealing or that you’ll never eat – donate!


Step 3 – Stock Up On Staples


Think about your typical cooking habits and go from there. You’ll want to have bottles of your go-to cooking oils and vinegars, a variety of grains (dried pasta, rice, quinoa), your typical baking necessities (flour, sugar, baking powder and soda), dried or canned legumes (whichever you use more), a collection of spices and herbs you cook with often, and perhaps a small selection of canned vegetables your recipes might require.


Step 4 – Collect Clear Jars


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Now, where do you keep all these dried goods? In clear jars of course! Whether it’s mason jars, jars you planned on recycling, or containers you’ve gone out and purchased – clear jars/containers are great for pantry storage. Not only are they stackable (space saver!), but since they’re clear you’ll be able to easily see what’s being stored inside.


Step 5 – Labelling is Key


Image via Ben Ramirez

Go to your local craft or dollar store and pick up a supply of blank sticker labels. This way you can label each of your newly filled jars, and know exactly what you’re reaching for.


Step 6 – Assign Spots


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Finally, think about your pantry like it’s real estate. What can be stored in the back, and what do you want right at the front – prime real estate so to speak – so it’s especially easy to get to. Once this has been determined – it’s time. It’s time to put all your staples, and other necessary items back into your newly cleaned and organized pantry.


VOILA! You did it! Congrats! Now navigating your pantry can be done without a second thought.






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