Spending the Summer at Sugar Beach


How sweet is it to have such a great beach so close to home? Sugar Beach is by far the most popular urban beach in the city, if not for its signature pink umbrellas then for its close proximity to downtown and most importantly, our neighbourhood.

The beach officially opened in 2010 after landscape architect (and friend of Cityzen) Claude Cormier’s design was complete. At the foot of Lower Jarvis Street you’ll find 36 cotton candy-coloured umbrellas and 150 white Muskoka chairs on the sand, a splash pad, the iconic striped rocks, and a tree-lined promenade. If you haven’t made the trip yet, be sure to head there before summer’s over!

Here’s a little Instagram glimpse at what you’ve been missing out on:

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How lucky are we to have this beautiful public space in our neighbourhood?!

Cover Photo via michael_swan on Flickr

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