Places to Shop for Gifts in the Area


At this point in December, any remaining gift shopping you have to do would actually be considered ‘last minute’. Well, not literally last minute, but considering Christmas is this upcoming weekend, you’ve left it a little late. But that’s okay! Luckily, this isn’t a problem if you live in our neighbourhood! There are tons of different places to grab those ‘last minute’ gifts, and still have them be special and thoughtful. These are some spots you should check out to help you finish up your Christmas shopping! 

Unique home accents, artisan crafts, and tasty goods from the Toronto Christmas Market.


Knick knacks and cute home accessories from Blackbird Vintage Finds.


Sweet jewelry, trendy fashion, and beautiful extra touches from Mint Boutique.


Sweet and savoury treats that any foodie would love from Brick Street Bakery.


One of a kind jewelery pieces and home accessories from Gilding the Lily


The best beauty finds from Jacob & Sebastian


Tasty artisanal treats and other specialty goodies from the St. Lawrence Market.


Stylish menswear and accessories from Gotstyle.



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