Looking Forward to the Toronto Christmas Market

xmas-headerLiving in this part of Toronto has many perks. There are endless options when it comes to delicious and new dining experiences, the shopping available is top notch, and the calendar of exciting events is always full. One such event, which has become a classic holiday staple, is the Toronto Christmas Market. Returning this season on Friday November 18th through until Thursday December 22nd, this year’s Market promises to be better than ever. Here’s what to look forward to.  Continue reading

Everything You Can Do at St. Lawrence Market this Month

st-law-classesOur neighbourhood is constantly on the go. Whether it’s in the shops, at home, or on the street, things are bustling at St. Lawrence. This is especially true of the market. It never rests! If you’ve ever been there on a Saturday morning then you definitely know what we’re talking about. The sights, smells, and sounds are overwhelming in the best way possible. But St. Lawrence Market has lots going on aside from the market itself. The calendar for November is full with great events and classes to take part in! Here’s what you can look forward to this month!  Continue reading

Decor Inspiration: Scandinavian Style


When you think of Scandinavian style what comes to mind first? If you answered Ikea, then you’re probably not alone. Ikea is the perfect example of this beautifully simple design perspective. The Scandinavian design movement came on the scene in the 1950’s, hailing from Nordic countries, such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. The main characteristics being minimalism and functionality. That’s what makes Scandinavian design so idyllic – if you decorate in this vein, you’re going to end up with a very stylish and sleek room, that also makes complete sense and doesn’t look over done.

Here are some examples of Scandinavian style to take inspiration from! Continue reading

Our Historical Neighbourhood: The Hockey Hall of Fame


It seems as though you can’t turn a corner in our beloved city without being met with a little bit of history. Whether it’s a building or an event, Toronto is bursting with stories from the past, and locations that are steeped with history. In our neighbourhood, this is especially true. Not only would it take a great deal of time to write it all up, but it would take more than one day of exploring to take it all in. That’s why we’re just going to focus on one spot at a time, and today’s focus is the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Continue reading

5 Haunted Sites in Toronto And Their Stories

3814013686_4b3cd19aa1_bWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our area is rich with history and so is much of Toronto. We love being surrounded by so many interesting historical buildings. There are also many historical buildings that have some interesting folklore around them. Now that it’s October, it’s the perfect time to take a peek at some of these allegedly haunted places. Continue reading

Our Favourite Condo-Friendly Greenery


Condo living is the ultimate when it comes to the urban experience. A vertical community of like-minded city-dwellers all experiencing their chosen metropolitan in different ways. While this city life is an obvious bonus for those who love to live in condos, those with green thumbs can miss out on the gardens found outside the city limits. The good news is that condos are an ideal place for some plant species! Continue reading

Get Your Tickets for Evening at the Market

evening-at-market-headerThe St. Lawrence Market has long been the go-to spot to get delicious eats in the city. Early weekend risers are treated to first pick of the best and freshest produce out there, while those who visit the market throughout the week are likely to get their hands on satisfying nosh on their way to work or for lunch. No matter when you visit, tasty treats are plentiful. But what about at night time? Thankfully, this year’s Evening at the Market event will give you an after hours experience you won’t forget.  Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Our Top IKEA Picks for Condo Living


A few weeks ago, something very exciting may have arrived on your doorstep – and no, we’re not talking about that delicious pizza you ordered – we’re talking about the new, much-anticipated 2017 IKEA Catalogue! For lovers of affordable, stylish, Scandinavian design, this is always something worth celebrating, and a bit of a big deal. Looking through the catalogue you’ll see that after 40 years, Ikea Canada has still got it. Here are our top picks that are perfect for condo living!  Continue reading

The Architect’s Picks: Favourite Cultural Landmarks in the Neighbourhood


When it comes to the design of The St. Lawrence Condos at 158 Front, we have architectsAlliance and the brilliant mind of Peter Clewes and his team to thank for that. aA has tackled many notable projects throughout the city have certainly made their mark on Toronto. Naturally, this makes them an expert when it comes to our area and the city in general. We took some time to chat with Peter, their principal architect, about some of his favourite cultural hotspots in our neighbourhood and went ahead and mapped them out. See what his top picks are and what he has to say about each of them below!

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Explore These Food Markets From Around the World

food market header

Living in this area is great for so many reasons – proximity to delicious restaurants, easy access to the rest of the city, and a growing vibrant community, but one factor really stands out above the rest – The St. Lawrence Market. The city’s most popular market (not to mention world-renowned) has been hosting a public market since 1803, and things have only improved since then. With hundreds of vendors to choose from, and an energetic atmosphere, this is a top destination for anyone living in the area, the city, and visitors from all over.

While we’re head over heels for our beloved St. Lawrence, we thought we’d check out the other great food markets from around the world.

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