Celebrate Chinese New Year at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts


In accordance with the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, New Year’s day lands on Saturday, January 28th this year. Celebrations typically begin 7 days prior to New Year’s Eve. Chinese New Year’s is meant to signify a rest before the new year, as well as the traditional start of spring. 2017 is the year of the Rooster, which is tenth in the Chinese zodiac. For those born in a previous year of the Rooster, this could mean a year of bad luck lies ahead. If you were born in 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, or 2017  you should seek out luck this year in the form of numbers (5, 7, 8) or colours (gold, brown, and yellow). While there are many different traditional celebrations, such as decorations, lantern lighting, and family dinners, this is how the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts will be celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Continue reading

Our Favourite Places to Improve Your Wellness in 2017


Every January we make resolutions for the year to come. With a fresh and gleaming 365 days ahead of us, the opportunities for success and betterment are endless! We promise to do more and do it better each new year. Often it’s hard to stick to these promises though. Why? Because we write down the intentions, but we may not take that next step, which is the plan for how we’re going to stick to them. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions has to be improving your health and wellness. If it made your list of resolutions for 2017, we’ve got a long list of places to help you improve your wellness this year. Check it out!  Continue reading

7 Things to Eat at the St. Lawrence Market


Since it’s first market day in 1803, the St. Lawrence Market has been a beloved Saturday morning destination. With over 120 vendors, the options for good eats are endless. While the market is a great place to grab your fresh produce, artisan cheese, and meats for the week, there are tons of ready-to-go treats as well! It’s a good idea to refrain from eating before heading to the market so you can leave room for any spontaneous munchies that catch your eye. Here’s a look at 7 of the tastiest things you’ll find to eat at the St. Lawrence Market.  Continue reading

Where to Go Skating in the City


Despite many of us being fearful of leaving the comfort of our warm homes during the winter months, it must be said that the activities of the season are top notch. All you have to do is bundle up and you could be hopping from one Christmas Market to another, or soaring down a ski slope having the time of your life. Another fun winter activity (and a classic) is ice skating! Thankfully skating doesn’t require much of its participants, just a bit of balance and access to skates! Toronto is home to many outdoor rinks, but these are our top picks nearby.  Continue reading

Places to Shop for Gifts in the Area


At this point in December, any remaining gift shopping you have to do would actually be considered ‘last minute’. Well, not literally last minute, but considering Christmas is this upcoming weekend, you’ve left it a little late. But that’s okay! Luckily, this isn’t a problem if you live in our neighbourhood! There are tons of different places to grab those ‘last minute’ gifts, and still have them be special and thoughtful. These are some spots you should check out to help you finish up your Christmas shopping!  Continue reading

The Nutcracker is Back in Town!


The holiday season is made up of many annual traditions. For some it’s skating at Nathan Phillips Square, for others it’s enjoying a hot chocolate at the Toronto Christmas Market, and for many, it’s taking in a show of the Nutcracker. Since 2008 the Toronto International Ballet Theatre has been putting on a whimsical production of the classic tale for theatre-goers. This year’s one night performance will be taking place at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, and it will be nothing short of mystical.  Continue reading

Where to Host Your Holiday Party


Once the month of December rolls around, your calendar begins to fill up. Unlike the rest of the year, December is a holiday-centric month the entire 31 days. Monday to Sunday is fair game for any and all events. It makes the month go by so quickly that all the good times with their twinkling lights, dance music, and puff pastries become a blur. If you’re planning to host a private party for your office, family or friends this holiday, here are some ideas for where you can have the event.

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Top Things to Eat at the Toronto Christmas Market


Holiday traditions are different for everyone. If you were to ask a group of Torontonians what their classic holiday traditions are, it’s unlikely you’ll get the same answer twice. For some it’s skating at Nathan Phillips Square, for others, it’s taking in a Nutcracker performance, and for others, it’s going to the Toronto Christmas Market. The market is a great place to start a holiday tradition. Here you can start your holiday shopping, warm up with some mulled wine, and most importantly indulge in one of the many tasty treats. Here are our top picks for things to eat at the market.  Continue reading

Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Condo

2q-copySnow has officially fallen – the flurries have flown people, this is not a drill. With the new ‘festive’ weather upon us, we’re sent into the depths of our closets to retrieve our winter necessities. While piling on our parkas and knits isn’t necessarily our favourite task, getting ready for the holidays makes it all worth it. No matter the size of your space, you can transform your home into a seasonal spectacle. Here are some ideas to help you get your condo ready for the holidays.
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The Union Station Holiday Market is On Its Way!


Despite reports of incoming snow falling short, the holiday season is still on its way. Whether the snow starts to fall or not, the holidays are coming. For some, this is great news – it means their favourite holiday traditions are about to begin. For others the season causes the ‘I hate holiday shopping’ panic to set in. Luckily the markets that come to Toronto during this time of year work for both types: they serve as the perfect holiday activity, while also making gift shopping super easy and fun. One such market is the Union Station Holiday Market. Here’s an overview of what to expect!  Continue reading