Our Favourite Condo-Friendly Greenery


Condo living is the ultimate when it comes to the urban experience. A vertical community of like-minded city-dwellers all experiencing their chosen metropolitan in different ways. While this city life is an obvious bonus for those who love to live in condos, those with green thumbs can miss out on the gardens found outside the city limits. The good news is that condos are an ideal place for some plant species!

Plants are great additions to a condo, as they not only add a touch of greenery and life to your space, but they can help to purify your air. Plants that fair well in condos are typically low maintenance, making them perfect for novice plant people, and the perfect compliment to your home!

Rubber Plant


Image via @ivymuse_melb on Instagram

This plant does well with little sun, and doesn’t have a very rigorous water regimen. Keep moist during the growing season, and water once or twice a month in the dormant season.

English Ivy


Image via @c_hsieh on Instagram

English ivy adds a nice decorative element to any room. It’s partial to part sun and part shade, which is perfect for the indoors. Occasional watering and misting is needed during the winter.

Parlor Palm


Image via @shopkerisima on Instagram

An Instagram favourite, that are fairly simple to care for. This type of palm requires low light, which makes it great for any interior. Water regularly, but wait for the top soil to dry before you water next.

Peace Lily

peace lily

Image via @littlegreenfingers on Instagram

The Peace Lily is one of the few houseplants that will actually bloom indoors. It prefers low light. It’s important to note that the leaves can be very dangerous to pets and children, so don’t purchase this plant if you have either at your home.



Image via @lizzie_a_brandon on Instagram

Aloe plants like to be exposed to lots of sun, so a spot right by a window is ideal. Be sure to not over water these little guys!



Image via @mymessfeed on Instagram

Cacti are notoriously low maintenance plants, that are an excellent and quirky addition to your decor scheme. They like sun from time to time, but don’t require much in terms of watering.



Image via @succulariums on Instagram

Not only are succulents Instagram gold, but they’re easy to take care of! They only require a little sunlight and a monthly watering.

Snake Plant


Image via @urbanleafgoldcoast on Instagram

The Snake Plant is incredibly tolerant and can survive weeks of neglect. It’s a great plant for someone who’s busy, out of town often, or who lacks a green thumb. They do well with low light, as well as low watering.

ZZ Plant

zz plant

Image via @fioalfian on Instagram

The ZZ Plant is one of the lowest light plants available, making an indoor space ideal for its habitat. In addition, it only needs to be watered about 3 times per month.



Image via @alecorleanis on Instagram

Bamboo plants are easy to care for, only requiring a little water and lots of shade to survive. They will also up your Feng-Shui game, which is a great bonus.

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