How to Spend a Day in the Distillery District


Each pocket of the city is unique. Whether it be the bustling downtown core we’re all more or less familiar with, or an up-and-coming spot like the Junction, these corners of the city all boast their own personality. Certain restaurants and landmarks are as familiar to these neighbourhoods as the characters, and business owners everyone knows and loves. No matter the neighbourhood’s size, it’s easy to take a day and get lost discovering things you hadn’t noticed before. Before you venture too far outside our neighbourhood, may we make a suggestion? Get outside and get to know the Distillery District! Here’s how to spend a perfect day there. 

Coffee at Arvo


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As there aren’t a ton of options for caffeinating in the Distillery, we highly recommend Arvo for your morning cuppa. Enjoy a freshly brewed Phil and Sebastian coffee, accompanied by a chocolate croissant (of course) to get your day started right.


Explore the Shops


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The charming streets of the Distillery are spotted with lots of great boutique fashion and design stores. Peruse Heel Boy‘s latest shoe offerings, the unique jewelry from Gilding the Lily, or the trendy styles at Mint Boutique. If you have an eye for design, the Distillery District has lots to offer in the way of decor shopping. For vintage treasures stop in Blackbird Vintage Finds or for contemporary accessories Bergo is a must.


Lunch at Boku or Mill Street Brewery 


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By this point in your fun-filled day you’re probably feeling at least a little peckish. If you’re looking for serious sustenance in a casual atmosphere, we suggest a fun afternoon at the Mill Street Brew Pub. Here you can relax with a nice cold beer and enjoy your favourite pub fare. If you have something a little more refined in mind, Boku Sushi has beautiful and delicious Japanese fare and cocktails to go with it.


Gallery Hopping


Image via @corkingallery on Instagram

While you’re still riding those nice lunchtime vibes, relax and get inspiration from one of the area’s galleries. There are a handful in the neighbourhood, including Corkin Gallery and Arta Gallery, both of which are just a stone’s throw from one another, so you could easily plan an afternoon art crawl!


Dinner at Cluny


Image via @clunydistillery on Instagram

For a wonderful dining experience, Cluny is an excellent choice. This Parisian bistro has both a beautiful atmosphere and an amazing menu. Indulge in French classics like steak frites or tuna tartare, a nice glass of wine, or deliciously crafted cocktail.


End of the Night


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While you could just call it a night after you’ve enjoyed your incredible French meal, you could also prolong your time spent in the Distillery. If you’re up for a night of music and mingling, grab drinks at Stirling Room, an upscale lounge in the neighbourhood. You could also stop by the Young Centre for the Performing Arts and see what they’ve got going on.


No matter what you choose to do, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and discover new things in the historic Distillery District!


Header Image via @david_platt on Instagram

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