Amenity Closeup: The Gym by Movement Haus

gal-gym copy

One out of our ten floors of amenities is going to be devoted to our gym. It was designed by the talented people over at the Movement Haus and we’re confident that it will get our residents moving. Besides, Movement Haus has a great track record in creating great spaces for people to be active in.

Mark Stables, the brains behind Movement Haus, was a personal trainer for 15 years and has a background in kinesiology. He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a great atmosphere for a gym. Condos often use meaningless buzzwords to describe their drab gyms with fluorescent lighting, no windows, and out of date machines, but you can count on a gym designed by Movement Haus to be anything but that. Think more along the lines of machines with iPod connectivity and Internet ready workout screens. Although he doesn’t have a background in architecture, he knows what people want when it comes to a quality condo gym.

Since there’s often a wide demographic of people who live in condos, it’s important that the amenities and spaces reflect that and appeal to both the twentysomethings and the boomers alike. Movement Haus has also worked on gyms for other Cityzen projects such as Garrison Point,  Pier 27, and L Tower. The experience is there to back up their manifesto to provide a new benchmark for the condominium lifestyle.

We’re so excited to have their expertise on board and can’t wait to show you the finished project. No sad condo gym here! You’re going to love spending time in this space, we can feel it.

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