5 other projects by architectsAlliance we love!


In case you were looking for someone to direct your love for 158 Front to, allow us to assist you. You can send your accolades to Peter Clewes and his incredible team of architects, designers, and technologists at architectsAlliance. The Toronto-based, design-driven studio is known for its innovation, creativity, and progressiveness, and of course, their involvement with 158 Front. This project is just one of many on a long list of impressive designs.

We looked through their portfolio of masterly accomplishments and picked out five of our other favourite architectsAlliance projects.


St. James Cathedral Centre – Toronto

St James (26)

What began as an extensive restoration and upgrading project of just the Parish Hall grew to be much more. Not only was the St. James Cathedral Centre hoping to have space to house outreach programs, and the Diocesan archives, but they were looking for new quarters to be built for the Dean of the Cathedral, as well as accommodations for visiting clergy. The resulting structure is an elegant and modern reinterpretation of the traditional cloister – with a mix of public and private space, and urban with traditional.


Cairns Complex, Brock University – St. Catharines

Cairns Complex

Located at Brock University, this LEED Silver accredited building is awe-inspiring. Cairns Complex features an extensive recycling system, locally-specified building materials, and low embodied energy and recyclability. The beautiful aluminum honeycomb screen not only serves as an incredible design feature, but it also mitigates passive solar gain – adding to the building’s green design attributes.


Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto – Toronto

As global leaders in the field of genome research, the University of Toronto required an advanced research facility that would reflect their leading position in the field. Together with Behnisch Architekten, architectsAlliance created an award-winning facility that is not only sustainable, but promotes collaborative research and work with its adaptable and loft-style laboratories.


Canary District, 2015  PanAm & Parapan Games Athlete’s Village – Toronto

Canary District-Pan Am Jun2015 (08)

The unique mixed-use developments in Toronto’s Canary District we watched come to realization in 2015 for the Pan Am Games, were brought to reality by architectsAlliance and their innovative design. The 253 units of affordable housing and 787 units of market housing are all designed with the resident at top of mind – giving each resident access to fresh air, lots of natural light, and lush public gardens. This unique new development brings more vibrancy, sustainability, and versatility to an already rich and transforming community.


Twenty Niagara – Toronto

5691_20Niagara lite

This beautiful apartment building was the first of its kind in 1997. This classic Modernist residential architecture allows density, while still managing to maintain aspects of the traditional single-family housing type, and brought a new housing type to the city. By eliminating public corridors between suites and rather stacking the units above one another, the architects were able to create a feeling of private residences – resulting in a highly sophisticated residential structure.






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