5 Haunted Sites in Toronto And Their Stories

3814013686_4b3cd19aa1_bWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our area is rich with history and so is much of Toronto. We love being surrounded by so many interesting historical buildings. There are also many historical buildings that have some interesting folklore around them. Now that it’s October, it’s the perfect time to take a peek at some of these allegedly haunted places.

Check out some of these haunted places in Toronto that you could actually visit:

King Edward Hotel

This hotel features the Crystal Ballroom on the 17th floor that was closed off in the 1970s due to fire code regulations. It’s now used for film and television shoots and there have been numerous accounts of chandeliers shaking and moving for no reason. There are also stories about the taps turning on and off in the ladies washroom on the main floor of the historic hotel. Learn more about the history behind the hotel in our post over here!

Gooderham and Worts Distillery

One of our favourite historical spots has plenty of stories surrounding it when it comes to being haunted. Some believe one of the original co-owners James Worts haunts the site and there have been stories about doors opening and closing on their own along with some banging noises that have been heard. Read up on some of our favourite spots in the Distillery District here.

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

With such an old hotel, there’s bound to be some stories surrounding it. There have been reports from staff of the sound of footsteps in the stairwells, some people have heard screams, and there have even been sightings of an older man in a smoking jacket.

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre

This downtown Toronto historic site that contains two theatres within it has a lot of history behind it. There have been reports of seats folding and unfolding on their own and the hand-operated elevator moving by itself. As far as sightings go, there have been claims of seeing a woman dressed in Edwardian style clothing standing around in the lobby.

Hockey Hall of Fame

This historical building is just down the street from us and there have been a variety of things that supposedly happen here. People have witnessed lights flickering, doors that open, close, and lock, and there have been sightings of a woman near the office and the vault. Spooky!

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