National Post: How to squeeze a new condo development in to the historic St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood

Did you catch us in the National Post this week?

Cityzen’s CEO Sam Crignano and architect Peter Clewes gave them the inside scoop on why our project will be a great addition to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, and will complement its historical importance. Clewes also shed some light on how he approached designing both the interior and exterior of the two towers, and goes into more detail on our 10-storey amenities podium.

Here’s a small glimpse of the article:

“Sam Crignano, president of Cityzen Development Group, beams with excitement at the prospect of his latest condo creation — 158 Front. The developer behind the L-Tower and Pier 27 condos, Crignano is billing this development as an especially rare opportunity for buyers. “Because it’s one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods, there are very few development possibilities remaining,” he says.

The neighbourhood’s historical status is not lost on anyone, but it gave principal architect Peter Clewes from architectsAlliance pause for thought: “Lord Simcoe actually laid out the first 12 blocks of Toronto within this part of the city — encompassing the St. Lawrence Market.” The important question, he says, “from a city-planning perspective, was how to allow for more density within the neighbourhood while still respecting its heritage factor.”

The solution partially evolved from what Clewes did not want for the building — a huge, towering wall of glass that would come across as an affront to the majority of two-to-seven storey buildings making up the streetscape. Instead, Cityzen, in partnership with Fernbrook Homes, settled on two 26-storey towers on either side of a 14-storey amenities-packed podium. The suites range in size from 400 square feet to 1,400 sq. ft. and begin in price at $289,900.” 

You can read the entire article on 158 Front in the National Post right here.

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