The Best Eats Around Toronto

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Each year a select group of people – top food critics, leading chefs from popular restaurants, elite diners, and the finest foodies – from around the country get together and decide which restaurants across the nation are the best. The end product? A list of 100 of the very best eateries in Canada. From the west to east coast our nation is brimming with culinary talent. These restaurants boast the best ingredients, imaginative menus, and dining experiences like no other. Here are some of the best Toronto spots that made the list this year.  Continue reading

Classes to Try at the Harbourfront Centre


As we near the end of March, we all begin to realize just how quickly 2017 is flying by. Those resolutions we made a few months ago may have fallen by the way side, but it’s not too late to make good on those self-made promises. If you were hoping to be healthier, pick up a new physical activity or introduce kale into your life (gradually), and if you wanted to try new things it’s time to seek out an enjoyable hobby. Thankfully this isn’t a hard task, since the Harboufront Centre offers a variety of arts and crafts courses throughout the spring! Take a look at what’s coming up.  Continue reading

How to Spend a Day in the Distillery District


Each pocket of the city is unique. Whether it be the bustling downtown core we’re all more or less familiar with, or an up-and-coming spot like the Junction, these corners of the city all boast their own personality. Certain restaurants and landmarks are as familiar to these neighbourhoods as the characters, and business owners everyone knows and loves. No matter the neighbourhood’s size, it’s easy to take a day and get lost discovering things you hadn’t noticed before. Before you venture too far outside our neighbourhood, may we make a suggestion? Get outside and get to know the Distillery District! Here’s how to spend a perfect day there.  Continue reading

Take a Trip Through Time with the St. Lawrence Market


If you ask any Torontonian the following questions you’ll get the same answer. Where can I get the freshest produce? Which Toronto market is the most bustling? I’m obsessed with peameal bacon sandwiches, where is the best in the city? The answer? The St. Lawrence Market of course. The St. Lawrence Market has been providing visitors, both locally and tourists from afar, with delicious foods and a great market experience for over a century! We wanted to learn a little more about how the St. Lawrence Market that we know and love came to be, so we did a little digging. Here’s what we found out.  Continue reading

Everything You Can Do at the St. Lawrence Market: Spring Edition


The St. Lawrence Market has been one of the city’s busiest culinary hubs for over 200 years! If you’ve ever visited on an early Saturday morning, not only can you feel the energy, but you can sense the history as well. With over 120 vendors showcasing their delicious foods and produce, visitors of the St. Lawrence Market have always been guaranteed great food. Not only can foodies eat and shop here, but they can get hands-on experience through the Market’s special events. Here’s a look at what classes and experiences are coming up this spring!  Continue reading

Different Ways to Use Pantone’s Colour of the Year

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Each year, the world-renowned colour authority, Pantone, releases its colour of the year. Typically this is a colour that has infiltrated the rest of society as well, not just the design world. If a colour is finding its way on to runways, on social media, in art as well as design, it’s likely it will land the ‘colour of the year title’. For 2017, Pantone announced that the colour of the year would be ‘Greenery‘, which is a ‘fresh and zesty yellow-green shade’. In their official statement Pantone said that the colour ‘evokes the first day of spring, when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew’. As modern, busy individuals in the world, we begin to crave the chance to be immersed in the beauty that can be found in the natural world, and what colour is more appropriate for this sentiment than greenery – nature’s neutral? 2017’s colour of the year is meant to be symbolize new beginnings, so in that vein, here are some ways to integrate Greenery into your home this year for a fresh start.  Continue reading

8 of the Best IKEA Hacks


Sweden has given us many wonderful things. Not only are their meatballs delicious, and their hygge philosophy life-changing, but we can’t talk about our Swedish obsessions without mentioning IKEA. The Swedish purveyor of affordable, stylish, Scandinavian home stuffs has been around (and making our homes nicer) since the 1940’s. There’s no question, that when it comes to design, they know exactly what they’re doing. However, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to put a unique and personal spin on some of our favourite pieces. After scouring the internet, looking through the many IKEA hacks, these are our top 8.  Continue reading

Our Favourite Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


There’s an occasion that comes around every year and leaves people completely divided. What occasion are we talking about? Valentine’s Day of course. For some,  V-Day is a glorious and whimsical 24 hours filled with chocolate and romance. For others, this day leaves them bitter about love and consumerism. In our opinion, any occasion – no matter what it is – is a nice excuse to celebrate. So whether you’re madly in love or not, we recommend taking part in this high holiday (if not just for the chocolate). Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day dates in Toronto.  Continue reading

Our Top Winterlicious Picks


Toronto is known for its diversity. This is one of the greatest characteristics of our city. Torontonians themselves are diverse, as is our culture as a city. But another thing that’s diverse in Toronto? Our restaurants! No matter where you are in the city, you’re just a stone’s throw away from an amazing culinary experience. Whether it’s the new hottest restaurant, or an old faithful, Toronto restaurants have a lot to offer. While you may still be in Canada, you’ll be able to enjoy food from around the world! Winterlicious started a week ago and the list of participating restaurants is impressive.

While we’d love to check them all out, here’s an overview of some of the top spots in our neighbourhood.

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Toronto Light Festival is Lighting Up The Distillery District


No matter the time of year, visiting the Distillery District is a special experience. Not only is it a very beautiful area of the city, but it’s also the largest collection of Victorian industrial buildings in North America, so every square metre is steeped in history. However, once the Toronto Christmas Market comes to a close, people tend to hibernate during the remaining winter months and may not make it out to explore the neighbourhood. A new event coming to the Distillery District, brought to you by the creators of the Toronto Christmas Market, aims to lighten the winter mood. Here’s everything you need to know about Toronto’s Light Festival.  Continue reading